The Digital Ayatollah?

Did Iran really take down 4 US drones?

So let me just see if I can clarify the crazy that is the Iranian government press department for a second:

According to the Iranian government, a nation that is reduced to bartering tankers filled with crude oil for tankers of grain, Iran has “allegedly” captured 4 US drones in a year……Not just the same design either, but 3 separate drone designs……

Now here’s the thing, the RQ170 sentinel, the first one Iran allegedly “captured” I could just about at a distant push believe. I mean at least the US government admitted it had actually gone down in the right geographical vicinity. (The fact that the drone was then shown without a scratch would suggest there is a story there but that is beyond the remit of this blog and into the world of conspiracy theorists and university Model UN attendees.) What seems utterly absurd though is the idea that Irani managed to capture 3 other drones on 3 separate occasions when the US navy who operates them say the USA have not lost a single unmanned drone in the area…..

Now I am not a military technology expert but while I can accept the argument, put forward by more learned folks, that the US GPS system on drones is “feasible” to hack (….that sentence is worrying enough), what seems implausible is that the US armed forces upon realising they had lost the ability to direct the drones would leave it there.

Now let’s add the next bit. The two latest drones, quoted by Reuters have a range of 10km’s…..That’s right, an aircraft carrier launched jet managed to get hijacked and land successfully in a perfect 10km location that was close enough to land on Iranian soil and yet far enough away that on at least two occasions the Americans A.) Couldn’t self-detonate the drone, a separate function to navigation, and B.) Couldn’t shoot the thing down themselves…..

I am all for stories that make the American armed forces show some hubris, but I’m sorry Iran, this time, even you guys have gone a bit too crazy.


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