The World needs more passionate people – are you living yours?

Dreams. We all have them. Fleeting thoughts and moments of transcendence where the constraints of the world we face are gone and our minds, free of constraints, expand and search outside the realm of possibilities for a place, a vision, where we feel an affinity. Maybe it feels like you have never had one right about now. Hell, maybe it feels like you haven’t had one for a very, very long time. But dreams are a home for the mind to explore its limits and to challenge its notions of what is and what could be. At least to my mind, dreams are a gateway to our souls.

I believe that the world I see is full of dreamers. People with passions so diverse and so fantastical, that to fathom what could exist if these were truly pursued to their fullest extent, is beyond the wildest imaginations of the most eloquent creators of fables and fictions.

However, what concerns me in this world is how quickly these passions – so pure and so powerful -become buried by the passage of time. The burden of doubt, sic insecurity, the fear of failure and the desperate craving of some degree of security.

It seems as though we are the generation which simultaneously cannot fail, and yet are so constrained by the fears and concerns of our own human frailties that we are inevitably destined to fall short of our aspirations.

This needs to change. This fear of not reaching the “undefined” end game is a barrier that we find ourselves up against again and again. Especially when we consign our desires to the bin and opt for the warm embrace of a certain “safe” outcome.

To value security and to desire a comfortable life is no crime. Nor am I trying to suggest that people whose circumstances are extremely challenging have “given up” on their dreams due to a lack of ambition or even worse: courage. There are perhaps fewer cruelties in life than seeing your dreams taken from you by the circumstances of your environment.

I acknowledge fully that I have been gifted good fortune well beyond what is “fair” or “reasonable”, so perhaps for many this piece of prose is nothing more than the musings of an over indulgent young idealist. Perhaps that is so.

But to my mind, to witness passion in people is to observe what happens when dreams transcend from the realm of constraints that we ourselves impose upon our conscience. To embrace a moment of passion is to explore ones desire to explore and to understand that which makes us feel at once in comfort and in an instance filled with trepidation.

If there was never a reason for us to be here and to be given this chance this place, this right to make a life for ourselves and to set out our stall on the stage of the heavens and determine the play of our lives for the audience in the stars afar. Then let us be sure that our stories, the stories of those we live and the stories of everyone who has been given a chance and a right to build their own futures and tell their own fables, will leave the stage with their heads held high and the knowledge that they gave the world the show that truly moved them.

If we are but creatures of destiny, then let our destinies shine so brightly that they glow for all to see. In the darkest corners and the cruellest hours of sombre days, it is the sparkle of light from those valiant few whose radiance gives warmth and stir to those in need. It is in their being, their glowing, their smiles and their harmonies that we are stirred from within by forces from that many had thought were lost, or so irretrievable that their very past existence had become questionable.

Our world is nothing without these moments. These brief sojourns from the relentlessly ticking clock of the days fading moments.

Our passions and desires are what make us human and make our lives worth living. I admire all my friends and those in my family who I see aspiring to achieve their dreams.

I hope that more people find and follow their dreams too.